The Brewery Market


969896_326541424147543_1967499845_nThe goal of The Brewery Market is to give you the chance to try out the best beers available in Ontario in a comfortable and relaxed setting.  At each Brewery Market you will be able to taste a number of different beers available from Ontario craft breweries.  Over a twenty breweries have been featured at  The Brewery Market, including Beau’s, Mill Street, Great Lakes, Amsterdam, Indie Alehouse, Granite, Denison’s, Beyond the Pale, Broadhead, Cassel and more.

One-offs and special beers will be available from time to time, you’re just going to have to drop by and find out what’s on tap!  Beer will be served in full size 12 ounce servings.  No sample sizes will be available. But on a weekend afternoon, what’s wrong with a full cup of beer anyway?  Over the course of the Brewery Market series you will be able to try all kinds of diverse styles and flavours from Ontario’s finest craft breweries.

Breweries have been selected and curated by The Bar Towel, Ontario’s Premier Beer Resource.  If you would like to inquire about being a featured brewery at a future Brewery Market event, please e-mail us at


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