Tell me about the People’s Choice Awards for Best Beer in the 613

In 2016, we’re introducing The People’s Choice Awards: Best Beer in the 613. With four events in 2016, each one will celebrate a different style of beer—IPA, Saison, Pale Ale and Stout—and you get to vote on the best!

“Pursuit of Hoppiness” will feature the flavour-packed IPA. Expect your standard local favourites, along with some tasty special-edition beers. Tasters will be available for all IPAs on tap.

Who’s in the running for Best SAISON in the 613?

Beyond the Pale
Cassel Brewing
Covered Bridge
Dominion City
Stone City Ales
Tooth & Nail

Who’s in the running for Best IPA in the 613?

Ashton Brewing Company
Beyond the Pale
Bicycle Craft Brewery
Big Rig
Covered Bridge
Dominion City
Tooth & Nail
Whiprsnapr Brewing

How do I vote?

If you want to vote for best IPA in the 613, you’ve got to be at The Brewery Market on June 4th, at Hintonburg Park, between noon-4pm. First you drink, then you vote!

Can I sample the featured bears?

We’re going against our own favourite rule. With lots of features on tap, and to give you a chance at trying more than a few, we’re introducing a taster pack.

This ain’t no frat party. Please drink responsibly.

Who won? Who won!?

Drum roll please!
TOOTH & NAIL’s SUCKER PUNCH has won for BEST IPA in the 613